Success Stories

Red Wing, a once mighty river town, has been presented with its share of challenges over the past few decades. In early 2003 a group of concerned citizens came together to form what is now known as Red Wing Downtown Main Street – that’s us! We tackle critical issues and are focused on preserving the cultural heritage of this community. We work hard to promote downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors alike. Our efforts focus attention on ensuring that Red Wing remains a relevant & exciting place to live and work for locals. Below you will find just a few of our many success stories.

25 Days of Art: The Replacement of Vacancy with Attention

Posted: December 2014

We took that simple retail paradigm and turned it on its head, where holiday sales weren’t the ultimate goal, but rather, turning a dark, vacant property into a bustling regional art gallery and store. We helped a property owner, a city block, our downtown, 27 artists and tested the viability of a long term regional arts gallery. It was an outside the box idea – one that took a hip, urban idea and turned it on its head to go far beyond the ring of the register. Read the full story.

Red Wing Restaurant Challenge

Adding some flavor to Red Wing: Restaurant Challenge

Posted: July 2014

With its rich history and beautiful landscape, Red Wing seemed like the perfect package for residents and tourists alike, but many believed the city was missing one very important element: flavor. With more than 16,000 residents and 400,000 hungry out-of-town visitors each year, the picturesque river town could use a few more places to exercise the palate. The Red Wing Restaurant Challenge was a chance for food-oriented entrepreneurs to fill the food gap, and to receive plenty of help doing it. Read the full story.

Picture it Painted: A fresh look in the alleys

Posted: July 2014

The smell of fresh paint filled the air behind the Wise Penny thrift store Thursday evening as the brick was transformed with a coat of whipped cream topping-colored paint. Red Wing Downtown Main Street received 101 gallons of paint through the Southern Minnesota Initiative Fund Picture-It-Painted grant program. The goal of the project was to prepare back alleys that would see a large increase in foot traffic during the highway 61 reconstruction project. Read the full story.