Liberty’s Employee Assistance Fund is a grant program that supports the employees of Downtown Main Street Partners during a time of financial hardship and provides a safety net when that hardship could jeopardize an employee’s ability to remain employed with a local business.

This fund was made possible in partnership with Doug Noreen. Owner of Liberty’s Restaurant and Lounge.  The fundraising dollars exceeded what was needed by Liberty’s to recover from the building damage that occurred on September 2, 2020.  

Read a letter from Doug Noreen regarding the decision to create this fund.

Downtown Main Street serves as the program manager of the Liberty’s Employee Assistance Fund and is governed by an advisory committee that consists of downtown Red Wing business owners, Downtown Main Street board members and the Downtown Main Street Executive Director.

Grantee Requirements:

  • The business applying for the funds on behalf of their employee is a Downtown Main Street Partner in good standing
  • Financial hardship which hinders their ability to perform their duties as an employee fall into the following categories:
    • Transportation
    • Healthcare expenses
    • Housing
    • Family Care (child, elder, etc.)

Submission Information Required:

  • Business Name
  • Name and title of business owner submitting the request. We do not need the employee’s name until the application has been approved to keep the request anonymous.
  • Type of hardship
    • Transportation
    • Healthcare expenses
    • Housing
    • Family Care (child, elder, etc)
    • Other
  • Amount Requested (Maximum $500)
  • Is there an urgency for funds?  If so, explain.
  • Has your business been awarded this grant in the past?  If so, how many times and what total funds have been distributed to date.

Grant Approval Process:

  • The business submits the online application
  • Determination of the request will be communicated within seven business days.
  • If the application is approved, the name and address of the fund recipient will be requested.
  • A check will be mailed to the recipient within two weeks of approval.
  • Every effort will be made to expedite the fund disbursement if there is an urgent need.