Downtown Red Wing is the heart of our community. It is a place to gather, celebrate together, shop, and show our Winger Pride. Red Wing businesses, organizations, and community members have shown great creativity, teamwork, and resilience during this unprecedented time. In that spirit, Downtown Main Street Red Wing has joined with Red Wing Public Schools, parents, students, business owners, and organizations to celebrate our graduates by hanging flags of our seniors downtown and organizing a parade.

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our 2020 Graduates! THANK YOU SO MUCH to those who have sponsored a senior flag and to all who have shown their support in other ways as well.


Business Sponsors:

Cut Above Home
Underground Boxing & Fitness Club
Cornerstone Church
RipWing CrossFit
DeLeon Jewelers
Hart’s Electric
Suburban Portables Inc
Pestop Inc
Speight & Lappengaard, P.A.
Aliveo Military Museum
Red Wing Brewery
Gina Rippentrop Photography
Carlson’s Sports Center
AAUW – Red Wing Branch


Individual Sponsors:

Amanda and Nicholas Abney
Chap and Benjie Achen
Paige Anderson
Kelly Avery
Andrew Baader
Jody Bade
Carrie Becker
Allison Benway
Elizabeth Bettich
Dawn Bitzan
Shawn & Kris Blaney
Brian Bohmbach
Bethany Borgschatz
Elizabeth Brock
Tami Bryant
Latesha Buck
Jess Buck
Tracy Cardinal
Kristi Carlson
Crystal Carrillo
Christy Childs
Colleen &  Larry Clark
Audrey Cole
Jack Colwell
Kris Davig
Sean Dowse
Ronda Dube
Deb Egan
Wendy Ehlers
Stephanie Elsen
Gary and Kay Erickson
Marge Fagerlund
Nancy Falk
Janie Farrar

Bob Feichtner
Denise Fiala Doig
Linda Flanders
Buck and Joan Foot
Kirsten Ford
Amy Foster
Chelsea Frans Mattys
Barbara French
Marjorie Frost
Susan Gaustad
Kiki Gheen
Angela Godby
Jess Gorden
Jennifer Grove
Curt Gruhl
Leslie Hakala
Melissa Hamlin
Robert Hanson
Tracy Hardyman
Shannan Harris
Becky Hase
Robert Haupt
Marg Henke
Lois & John Hesford
Melissa Hill
Miranda Holst
Lisa Trok Huppert
Jenne Johnson
Pat & Ellie Kelly
Molly Kiefer
Ashley Knapp
Marie Krebsbach
Carla Kuehni
Cara Kvanbek
Kim Lampe
Patti Landers
Candace Laska
Eric and Jamie Lawrence
Gretchen Lee
Heidi Linder
Tara Luhman
Amy Lundberg
Bonnie & Tim Mann
Heather Marx
Naomi McCord
Tammy Mikkelson
Tori & Neva Miller
Brandy Mittelsteadt
Cheryl Mohn
Shelly Muelken
Maureen Nelson
Leon Nesbitt
Deanna Nichols
Becky Norton
Lisa O’Brien
Susan Olson
Anna Ostendorf
James Parry
Pamela Peterson
Shawn Pettit
Sara Plum
Nancy Prahl
Jane Quade
Lacy Quiboloy
Karen Quist
Jeff & Katie Ramstad
Jillynne Raymond
Tanja Reding
Joyce Rieck
Tiger Ries
Gwen Frazier
Patti Robertson
Nona Rotering
Joyce Sahli
Debbie Sammon
Debbie Sanford
Ann Schafer
Jackie Schiemann
Anna Schlangen
Tracy Schmidt
Teresa Schmidt
Geri Shangreaux
Neal & Barb Siewert
Shelly & Paul Siewert
Elizabeth Skaar
Maggie Sloan
Brianna Smith
Jeff & Lynn Sutherland
Ronda Swenning
Gary & Becky Taft
Joanne Thompson
Deb Thygesen
Lisa & Doug Toivonen
Angie Tripp
George Vogel
Karen Vonch
Nicole Warner
Renee Warrington
Kim Watts
Michelle Weisen
Dee Whipple
Barbara Wisdom
Susan Wolter
Michelle Wyatt