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Lora & Isaac

New to downtown Red Wing, meet Lora and Isaac. Located next to Tootsie Too’s on W Third St, Lora & Isaac are full-service portrait photographers offering a full photographic customer […]

Synergy Insurance Group

No matter what you’re shopping for, supporting local small businesses help keep our downtown strong and successful. If you’re looking for the best insurance with friendly, hard-working locals, be sure […]

Anchor Promotions, Apparel & Signage

“Say yes. Tell the world. Figure it out.” It was a twist of fate that brought Brenda Stelter, owner of Anchor Promotions, Apparel, and Signage, from working with promotional product distributors […]

Vyntage Vinyl

Just inside the doors of Vyntage Vinyl in Red Wing’s West End District and you’ll be transported back to the good old days of 8 track players, VHS tapes, laser discs, and record players. […]

Alison Youngs

In case you haven’t met her before, meet Alison Youngs, Owner extraordinaire (and a stylist, and a cosmetic tattoo artist, and a body piercing apprentice) of S.W.A.T. ~Salon with a Twist. […]

Tessa Blue

Meet Tessa Blue! She is a Downtown Main Street board member. Tessa enjoys being a part of Downtown Main Street and helping the downtown grow and stay vibrant. Her favorite […]

West End Liquor

Over 37 (yes that’s right THIRTY-SEVEN!) years in business here in Red Wing and that is thanks to them prioritizing customer service, experience, and relationships. One step inside and you […]

Pottery Museum

Red Wing Collector’s Society Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, celebrated its 20th anniversary! During the Pottery Convention, July 6th-9th, they had an outdoor sales area plus much more. https://www.redwingcollectors.org/rwcs…/annual-convention Char […]

STARTUP Ignite Program

Downtown Main Street feels it’s our duty to share what we feel is a secret weapon for local entrepreneurs, existing and aspiring. Red Wing Ignite‘s STARTUP Ignite Program, with its […]