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Bauer Design Build LLC became acquainted with Red Wing while working on the Liberty’s Restaurant rebuild project. The project team included; Ryan McMahon – Superintendent, Andy Schilling – Project Manager, and Tom Lampe – Director of Field Operations. All were involved with the project and are from Red Wing, making this a special experience with the support of the whole community. Bauer Design Build shares about their experience working in Red Wing on this project and why they decided to get involved with Red Wing’s Redevelopment Challenge as a sponsor. He saw it unfold on Facebook, but little did he know, at that moment, that he would be intimately involved with rebuilding a beloved downtown business and building. Ryan McMahon said this about working on the project, “It was an awesome experience for me. I’ve known Doug for a lot of years. I used to throw darts at Liberty’s. So to get the call saying this was my project, I was pumped! Especially the way the community rallied around it. I’d have the same faces coming down to the job site to visit me asking, How’s everything going?” Tom Lampe visited the site to assess the situation soon after the incident. “The first priority was to ensure the building was safe and protected from the weather, so they could reopen. Working with the historic significance of the building along with the tight timeline, posed some challenges, but everyone worked together… the community, the City of Red Wing, and Pope Architects. It was pretty motivating to see how much everyone valued this downtown business and the historic significance of the building.”

Why did Bauer Design Build feel it was important to sponsor this Redevelopment Challenge? Bauer has always been about community, especially communities that have as much to offer as Red Wing does. We felt it was an easy decision to help bring attention and resources to jump-start growth and opportunity. Who are your clients and how do you support their needs? Bauer has a wide variety of clients in Industrial manufacturing, cleanroom, labs, healthcare, multi-unit residential, senior care, and retail. We always take the approach of helping others, that includes our clients. Whether there is a project involved or not, we are here to provide solid advisement and approach to any issue.mFrom a design-build perspective, what are the things to consider when approaching redevelopment of older historic buildings? When assessing potential projects, our approach is to prepare for success and manage the client’s expectations. Tom Lampe states, “Our biggest attribute is we get the right people involved to make the job a success.

We bring in architects and engineers that have the experience. We make sure that we’re engaged in the design to make sure the customer’s needs are met, and also that we’re meeting the budget. In regards to older historic buildings, we focus on the pre-construction side of the project. Trying to avoid any major challenges as much as possible by planning and doing exploratory assessments. We provide the client with foreseen challenges upfront, to help manage expectations and have a realistic approach from the start.”Andy Schilling shares his thoughts about working with historic buildings. “It can be a challenging thing to restore a historic building. You never know what you’re going to find. But it’s also the cool thing about it too… you peel away the layers to find the historical attributes that you want to maintain. You can find some pretty neat things hidden behind sheetrock. That’s just some of the exciting aspects of these types of projects.”What experience do you have working in other smaller communities outside of the metro area? The thing about a smaller community is there’s more visibility to the value of historic buildings and projects in general. Everybody sees it every day and it’s something that they value more because there’s a stronger sense of pride and community.

We’re a Commercial General Contractor servicing a wide variety of projects from Industrial, Cleanroom, Multi-Family & Senior Living, Healthcare, Retail, Office, and Self-Storage. Whether the need is for construction renovation, new construction, land development, or feasibility studies of various buildings, we provide comprehensive insight and management services throughout the construction process with total project accountability. Bauer Design Build is transforming the construction experience for our clients. When you partner with Bauer Design Build on your construction project, you’re partnering with an experienced, professional team that prioritizes healthy collaboration and building long-term trust, ensuring you receive the best construction solutions and customer service from beginning to end. We thank them for being a Downtown Main Street Partner and supporting our Redevelopment Challenge by being sponsors.