The Market Home + Design

Interior Designer, Jodi Caverly is the owner of The Market Home + Design, established in 2020. We recently stopped in and chatted with her and her team. So, Jodi, why open your own furniture store? “I was at a point in my life where I was not working. I had worked at Ferrin’s Furniture for many years prior to its closing in 2019. With the closing, I knew it would leave a huge void in our community, and I loved what I did! I loved being creative and establishing relationships with the customers and reps! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design, Retail Merchandising, Management, and Art, as well as many years of experience in the field. I also watched my husband start his own business about seven years ago and with all of that knowledge, opening a furniture and home décor shop seemed like the perfect next step in my career path! The process of opening the store was a lot of work and very stressful! There were a few times when I nearly backed out of it! But, I didn’t! I learned a lot, and I am continuing to learn every single day!”

Reflecting on living and working in Red Wing Jodi shares this: “I have lived in Red Wing for nearly 20 years. My husband’s family is from here and we knew that we would more than likely end up here one day. We love the setting of the town, it offers everything we like to do and has most everything we wanted in a place to raise our family. Red Wing is such a great community! It has a nice small-town feel without being too small of a town! Since becoming a business owner I especially love how so many of the business owners have come together to help and support each other! That is what community is all about! Since opening The Market, it has been amazing to reestablish some old relationships and make many new relationships!”

Why interior design? “Interior Design is something that I have always enjoyed. My passion for it goes back to my childhood! I truly believe either you have the design eye or you don’t. Having the eye and the passion is what led me to choose Interior Design as my career! The creativity that I can express as well as the changing trends and styles is what keeps it fresh and exciting!”Here’s more about the team at The Market Home + Design. Jodi’s team includes Carla DePalma and Amy Dudley, both are doing sales and design. “Carla has more than 25 years experience in the industry. Carla’s main focus at The Market is on the sales floor, assisting customers with their selections and making the showroom look fabulous on a daily basis! Amy is new to the sales and design business, but she is a great fit! She always has a smile on her face and is willing to assist customers and do just about anything she is asked! I couldn’t be luckier to have those two girls at The Market with me!”

In closing, Jodi adds, “Filled with carefully chosen items that you’ve gathered through the years – things that make you smile when you see them, our store is laden with these varied treasures… items you won’t find in a big box store, and stock is ever-changing! Come in often and see what’s new and what you can take home today! Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask! We can get so much more than we have room to display! Custom orders are our main focus! At The Market Home + Design, creating cohesive, beautiful homes and spaces is our goal. We offer an in-store or in-home personal design service to ensure that our customer is making the correct choices when it comes to beautifying their spaces. This can include entire homes, groups of rooms, or a single room or space. We will take the time to attend to every detail of your project, helping you avoid expensive mistakes and making the process a rewarding one.”

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