Vyntage Vinyl

Just inside the doors of Vyntage Vinyl in Red Wing’s West End District and you’ll be transported back to the good old days of 8 track players, VHS tapes, laser discs, and record players. As with most things, what once was cool becomes cool again eventually, and listening to music on vinyl is most definitely cool again.

It was 2012 when Kelly Bystrom, owner, sold his first Vyntage Vinyl on eBay. What started as a way to make some extra cash has turned into a destination business in Red Wing’s West End District. Kelly was the original owner of Video Trading Co, established in 1995. He sold it and has recently purchased it back in 2019. (This is the anything video game/DVD/VHS side of the business.) They even have movies on laser discs. Does anyone remember those?!

Spend just a few minutes with Kelly and you’ll realize he is extremely knowledgeable, which is one reason customers keep coming back. Kelly will tell you he’s not a collector. He buys to sell and recently purchased a 40,000 record collection. So chances are if you’re looking for it, he has it. His space is decorated with vintage cameras, vintage radio equipment, and retro furniture. It’s time travel for the eyes and the ears.

Frequent shopper, Russ Korpela, owner of Common Man Tap & Table, will tell you “Vyntage Vinyl rivals any store of its kind in the Twin Cities.” Russ says vinyl music collecting is an inexpensive hobby and has since converted an entire room dedicated to listening to the smooth sounds of a vinyl record.

All it takes is one record to bring back a thousand memories…or to create a thousand new ones. From old school classics to the newest artists, your time will be well spent flipping through the records here. There’s just something special about holding that record in your hand, admiring the cover art, and sliding the record out of the sleeve, and setting the needle to release the music hidden in its grooves. Don’t believe me? You can test out any record right there in the store. I dare you not to be mesmerized.

There’s only one question left to ask….Which record are you buying first?

We are so grateful to have such an incredible business right here in Red Wing and we thank Vyntage Vinyl for being the Red Wing Downtown Main Street Partner who is your one-stop entertainment center selling, new and used vinyl records, music CDs, music cassettes, vintage stereo equipment, music accessories, new and used turntables, incense, collectibles, laserdiscs, DVDs, videogames, videogame systems, videogame accessories. They also do home-movie to DVD transfers.