Pottery Museum

Red Wing Collector’s Society Foundation, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit, celebrated its 20th anniversary! During the Pottery Convention, July 6th-9th, they had an outdoor sales area plus much more. https://www.redwingcollectors.org/rwcs…/annual-convention

Char Henn, Museum Director, has grown up around Red Wing Pottery with several family members working for Red Wing Pottery. She takes that history, knowledge, and reverence for the craft and channels it into sharing all she knows with the community and museum. Pottery Museum of Red Wing is dedicated to the rich history of pottery. The items curated throughout the museum tell the story from the beginning when the factory opened in 1877 through 1967. The museum showcases the pottery itself and the behind-the-scenes process and history through the years. Visitors to the museum can take guided tours with brochures or through QR codes that link them to videos stories from their phones. There’s so much to see and learn about at the museum even if you are knowledgeable about Red Wing Pottery, we are sure you’ll find something new to ✨WOW ✨you.

Something interesting we learned while touring the museum is that throughout manufacturing, rejected pottery was dumped and buried in an area owned by the business, and to this day people have been known to dig up whole pieces of pottery. From the final pieces still on pallets, seemingly waiting to be shipped, to an homage to a discarded pottery dig site, Red Wing Pottery Museum is an absolute must-see in Red Wing. Don’t forget the gift shop! Collectors donate items that are sold in the store. The funds are used to operate the museum.