Alison Youngs

In case you haven’t met her before, meet Alison Youngs, Owner extraordinaire (and a stylist, and a cosmetic tattoo artist, and a body piercing apprentice) of S.W.A.T. ~Salon with a Twist. She’s also a Downtown Main Street board member.

She has lived in the Red Wing area since 1991. What excites her about Downtown Main Street is that it provides community interaction, resources for new businesses, public art, and assistance with the West End District.

Her favorite summer activities are anything that has to do with being in or on the river. Her favorite Red Wing events are Trunk or Treat and the Holiday Stroll.

“I am a business owner, artist, wife, corgi mom. I love the beauty industry and body modification industry, boating, traveling, and time with my family. I love everything from American History, frivolous trivia about cephalopods, and other randomness. Hobbies include skating, art, and learning new things. My favorite word starts with the letter F!”