Stockholm Pie & General Store

One thing is for sure…PIE IS ESSENTIAL

Stockholm Pie & General Store has made its second home on the second floor in the Pottery Place but for this feature, we went back to where it all started; the beautiful small town of Stockholm WI. Did you know that they are in their second kitchen expansion to keep up with demand? Baking up to 200 pies per day definitely requires a bigger kitchen, especially when each and every pie is made with fresh ingredients and is hand-made – by actual hands! Stockholm Pie Plate is at its busiest between June and October and can employ up to 6 full-time employees and 14 part-time employees, which is quite an accomplishment considering the town of Stockholm has a population of only 66. What really saves them in the busy season is people who choose to camp at the nearby campground for the summer and work at the pie shop. We asked Alan, the owner, what makes Stockholm pies so gosh darn famous. We can thank his sister for that. After she made apple dumplings, Alan said “We could sell these things” and to this day each pie is her own recipe (sorry folks, the recipes will remain a secret!). Today, their newly upgraded ovens bake pies for their store, the Red Wing location, pre-orders, weddings, and any event in between. During the pandemic, they started “Pie-o-rama” events where they took their pie goodness to their fans as far as the Minneapolis suburbs and beyond! Pies and customer service are top-notch at Stockholm Pie Plate but don’t take our word for it. Stop in any location and sample one of their most popular pie flavors; bumbleberry or double lemon. After all, pie IS essential! In Red Wing, visit the Stockholm Pie’s Pie Plate Cafe & Red Wing General Store in the Pottery Place Mallin Red Wing’s West End District!!