203 Plum Crazy – Partner Feature

The newest shop you probably haven’t discovered yet!

Suzie and Jodee had been business partners in another store in Lake City MN. When that business was sold they decided to continue with what they loved to do. They knew they wanted to have a store in Red Wing so after some research and finding three new partners in Becca, Tami, and Amy, 203 Plum Crazy was born. Each of them brings a unique eye that contributes to the variety of their offering, which is a delightful mix of fashion and home décor, odds and ends, old and new, classic and funky, timeless and fun merchandise for customers of all ages to enjoy. They didn’t know what to expect, opening a new retail store during a pandemic. They express their appreciation for how welcoming Red Wing has been and are looking forward to a new spring season. If you’re looking for a gift (even for yourself because you deserve it!), 203 Plum Crazy, is the place. The only question left is…what are you taking home?