Red Wing COVID Aware Because We Care Designation

We are excited to soon be able to open up more of our businesses and nonprofits to customers!

It is important for our community to feel like all necessary precautions are being followed by our business owners and non-profits. Without customers that feel safe enough to shop and eat, it doesn’t matter if our businesses are actually open. In addition, businesses have the opportunity to work together to meet the health guideline standards.


If customers understand who is following recommended guidelines, they can make educated decisions about where they shop or eat. We have developed the COVID Aware Because We Care program to ensure that our community is doing all it can to stop the spread of COVID-19, while supporting our small business and non-profit community.

Please see the document link for all of the details of the program and how your business can get designation as COVID Aware.

COVID Aware, Because We Care Program 05162020

If you’d like to sign up to receive updates about the program, please go here:

If you have questions or need additional information about the Designation, please email