Partner Feature – Fair Trade Books Red Wing

Fair Trade Books Red Wing, a mainstay of our downtown, is a special place for visitors and community members. When you walk in, surrounded by the books in a beautifully preserved historical building, you feel the sense of respect for knowledge.

It’s their 6th anniversary this Friday, Valentine’s Day. Since opening, they have provided a gathering space for the community by hosting many events ranging from live music to conversations with regional authors. They have been a Big Turn Music Fest venue for three years as well.

So far they have given away 34,000 books to first-time shoppers. It is something they have been doing from the very beginning, sharing the love of reading. They love books and know their genres and authors, which is super helpful when searching for something new to read.

FYI – They also have fun, witty gifts!

We thank Rick, Zoe, and Reveler of Fair Trade Books for being a DTMS Partner and helping to make our downtown something special!

📷 Heart of Life Creative