Red Wing is in Style – Men’s Style Guide

What’s with this Men’s Style Guide, anyway?

Hi. It’s Megan here and I want to explain what Downtown Main Street is hoping to accomplish with our first ever Style Guide.

I spend a lot of time downtown, and I watch things. I see people going into Duluth Trading and into Red Wing Shoes and sometimes they just head in, shop, and then go right into their cars and drive off. I want to chase them down and say– Yes! Those are awesome stores!!! BUT WE HAVE MORE!!!!

Chasing people down is frowned upon, so instead, I had the idea–why don’t we SHOW them that there are more stores in Red Wing that cater to men? And the Red Wing Downtown Style Guide was born. My little idea because a BIG idea when Colt Ekblad and Alyssa Riegelman got ahold of it. They both have serious marketing skills, and with the help of Antoinette Marie, Jody Lyons Anderson, and Tessa Anderson Blue….they came up with a plan to make an amazing Guide happen. And Tracy Hardyman and Kim Lampe sold ads so we could afford to print the guide.

You see, we are so lucky to have a downtown that people want to visit. Other towns aren’t so lucky. And we have to remind each other to shop LOCAL first….or local will go away.

And please be sure to thank the following advertisers who took a risk on advertising in this first edition!

Red Wing Shoes, Josephson’s Men’s Clothing Store and Formal Wear, 17 STREET, River Blu Salon DaySpa, Wanshura Jewelers, Humane Society of Goodhue County, Clementine, Mike’s Barber Shop, PEARLE VISION RED WING MALL, Mandy’s Coffee & Cafe, Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts, and Kip Earney–West End Liquor.